The Author

Launched in 2015 as a personal blog to deliver personal opinions on random things. If you love a chill kind of blog, you'll feel right at home here. I write random type of posts for my readers in Malay and English. My aim is to make new internet friends and exchange our experiences and learn something fun with each other.

         I'm Farah Syazana, a nineteen-year-old blogger from Penang, Malaysia. Trying my best to be a friendly yet informative type of blogger. I started blogging mainly to decorate my blog as I like how I can be creative and edit my own lovely blog just as what I want it to look like. Besides being creative on the internet, I love doing DIY projects and baking. Living my life to the fullest is what I'm doing now and I hope you do too!

          By creating this blog I hope I can have many wonderful blogger friends and do support me by following this blog. 

Get yourself comfortable around and have a nice time reading my posts.  

Always be kind and humble