Free service for you!


What kind of service are you talking about? Good news to all of you, I'm doing a free service editing job (?) just for you bloggers because I'm totally bored staying at home. Since there were some of you who kept asking me how did I edit this and that on my blog and some of you who are using free template but do not know how to edit it by codes or anything, this is the right time for you to hire me for free :D

To be real honest I'm not that good in editing but I'm here just to help you to make your blog looks beautiful and help you to achieve what you want in your blog especially if you're a newbie and in need of assistance. I can't edit your whole blog (oh I wish I could) and I'm not taking the risk to edit yours as I might ruin your dream of having a wonderful blog hahaha because I'm still learning a lot of things on my own and I really hope I can do that in the future.

So here's the things I can do for you:
1. Header
2. Free template editing (full template only)
3. Color editing (your blog color theme using codes etc.)
And others

I'm not quite sure what else I can do LOL it just depends on me and your request on what you want me to do for you. I'll do my best to make sure you are satisfied with my work ;)

If you are interested, do contact me via one of these methods:
1) E-mail me:
2) Direct message me on Twitter
3) Chat me on Facebook 

You may request other than what I've listed down for you above and I'll tell if I can or can't do it for you. I'll do it until you're happy with what you've asked for :) You do not have to write a post or put a credit under my name, but if you do I'll love you even more :p

If you have any questions about blog editing or anything random just ask me on my


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  1. I came here for the sake of "free" hehe. Do you know how to disable the auto slider photos at the homepage. It's very annoying because the photo are not same in size and the slider causing the homepage to move up and down. Hmm.

  2. This blog of yours, u guna codes or you get it from etsy? But seriously, your blog is nice!

    1. yang ni free template dari themexpose. tapi saya edit dah tak macam free template rupa dia haha. thank you! <3

  3. Hahahahah that 'free' word plays its role well. All the best :)

  4. Apps for editing pictures please.

  5. Do you have tumblr? If yes please link ya. Tq