2017 Resolutions


I know I'm kind of left behind with the new year post almost everyone posted in their blogs. I had writer's block that caused me to have difficulties in writing new post for the year 2017 as I had no idea what kind of content I should deliver to my readers. But here I come out with my new year resolutions. It may sounds cliche and normal as well because I guess a lot of bloggers out there have written the same thing but I promise you mine would be different or maybe more interesting (I hope so). Well, you read and judge then :)

2016 is a year full of ups and downs. I've learnt a lot of things in that precious year. The most lesson that hit me deep in the soul is loyalty. I'm not talking on behalf of "girlfriend" or in a relationship kind of thing. I'm talking in general. I realized as I grow older, people tend to leave. I hated it at first but once I've gotten the reasons why they left I can't be more than grateful to have people who still stay by my side. My parents, friends, grandparents and my one and only sister. They are my backbones. As for the year 2017, I want to appreciate them more & more because I know I kind of neglect them sometimes and being that kind of selfish ass. Also, I want to do my best in everything just for them and take everything seriously including my studies soon. I will always be there for my family and I swear nobody can replace my funny, spontaneous yet loving father and my responsible and sweet mother.

I know I sound so emotional but I wasn't planning to type that kind of emotional thing I just happened to have full of feelings when I'm writing this post. For my second resolution, in the year 2017 I want to be organized. Meaning I want all of my things to be well organized and I don't wanna be that kind of messy and untidy Farah ever again. First of all, my room. I'm still in my process of beautifying my room. Most of the things I used for the decorations are DIY by me and inspired by youtube videos and tumblr, we heart it and pinterest images. I'm so into doing this kind of thing i just love it! The theme I chose is pastel, black and white. I will post it here once I've done with the painting and decorating stuff. The reason why I want my room to be organized is I want to feel happy whenever I enter my room without the feeling of... I don't know how to describe it. Another thing is I want to have my own planner.

THIS IS HOW PLANNERS LOOK LIKE (in case you're wondering)

They are so nice, aren't they? I'm planning on doing it myself which is my another DIY project besides my room. I believe this planner can give me motivations on being an organized person and it will keep me updated with what's going on in my life.

I'm not sure if this resolution will come true or just a dream that will never become a reality. I'm actually very interested in having my own channel on youtube. Maybe because I watched a lot of vlog and tutorial kind of videos by youtubers that make me go crazy on becoming one. I don't know, I'm still thinking about it. Well if I were to have my own channel, I would like to do any kind of tutorials, life hacks and other things that will benefit other people too and not barely just to become famous or anything but I guess that will be my new hobby. The problem is I don't have a good quality camera and good lighting. Well maybe I should buy them soon. Should I? Hmm the thought of becoming a youtuber always wandering in my mind. Sometimes I will record my own self acting as a youtuber and talk about random things just to know how it feels like to be a youtuber. It may sounds silly but I actually did it hahaha. The only thing I'm not sure about is can I face the hatred from people if they don't like what I do, will I stay strong or just stop whatever I'm doing because I'm not brave enough to read their hate comments or anything? Hmm, nevermind I'll will consider it.

Not to forget in my 2017 resolutions is I want to be a good cook just like my very-good-at-everything mom. I want to learn many kind of malay cuisines not just focus on baking which is easy for me. I know my mom is a great teacher to start with other than mr. google and youtube. I also want to know types of fish, vegetables and everything about cooking. I want to be just like my mom who knows almost everything about it. I don't know why I love to cook since small besides sewing. Wife-material much huh? lol. I hope I can learn as much as I can with the talented teacher at home and will try my best to be a good one and able to cook for my entire family as what I did before.

There you go my four 2017 resolutions and I really hope I can realize all of them in this year. I know I have more than that like to be more fashionable and so on but I don't want to set too many goals because I don't want to disappoint myself for not being able to achieve it. So that's it for today's post. Thanks for reading and pardon my errors or anything because IMMA LAZY ASS to edit it :p


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  1. May all the good of 2017 be with you. ^^

  2. Ilmu ert is good while u waitin spm result ....bljr masak kari betui betui

  3. I want to have a planner too but I know for sure keeping up with it wouldn't last long haha wow, you wanna be a youtuber? I always fantasize 'bout being a youtuber too. Too bad I don't have the confidence for it lol

    1. Yeap consistensy is the key but I'm suck at it too hahah. Well we are in the same condition but you must go for it girl :D