Happy But Sad


Hi there. finally my school life is over but I don't know what should I actually feel. Should I feel happy because I don't have to go to school, do homework, face difficulties in solving my math problems lol and others or should I feel sad for leaving my friends, my classmates, my awesome
teachers and my precious school? Well, maybe I might be still in my holiday mood so those feelings do not really matter but once I get bored of it I will start thinking about the memories in school, the laughs we shared together and other things that will come across my mind and maybe I might be a cry baby for thinking about those memories who knows :')

Basically yesterday I just finished my last paper which is Ekonomi Asas but I barely could focus in my examination because I think my holiday mood was on fire lol so my focus on doing the exam was affected. Okay, lets's not think about it. Some of my classmates and I sempat ambil gambar sebelum balik lepas habis exam. Ada class lain yang order pizza lagi nak celebrate habis SPM hahaha. Ayuhhhh farah share gambar kegembiraan habis paper 

 Ni lah masalah orang mata kecil. entah senyum ka tidur tu hahaha

Gambar tak banyak pun itu saja. Nanti keluar sesama ambil gambar lagi huhu tashabarnya. Hopefully they won't forget me :( Happy holidays guys! 


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  1. good luck and wish you all the best and good result to pursue your ambition and dreams..same as my daughter too...

    1. thank youuu. amin. All the best for her as well :)