Assalamualaikum! hi gais lama betul tak update blog ni apatah lagi nak melawat sedara bloggers yang lain. im so sorry to those who followed me but i took years to follow you back :( lately i've been very lazy to even use my laptop hehe. how was your day?? ha azam 2015 dah tercapai belum? dah nak 2016, panjang tak wishlist for this year??? as usual, i dont really want to focus on my aim for this year bcs usually i'll end up not doing it at all so hanya mengharap family sentiasa ada by my side dan sentiasa sihat annnddd SPM!!! insyaAllah i'll do my best and nothing can stop me.

            Sebenarnya im here to tell you guys that i might not be as active as i was before. my main reason is bcs im getting lazier to log in my account heheh but i'll make sure akan log in to check the chatbox dan blog walking. at the same time im making this decision bcs i wanna focus on my studies and to avoid sleeping late at night bcs i tend to update/have ideas at 3pm and above. crazy isnt it?

            It's just a short update. have fun with your new life in 2016! be positive in every way say no to negativity :D may Allah ease everything, amin. SPM!!! im so scared bcs i didnt study that much. study sikit main phone banyak. i know im gonna be sorry for what ive done this holidays :((((

Doakan kejayan Farah Syazana! thanks for reading. i'll be back soon, BYEEE xoxo.


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