Hasil carian imej untuk pastel gif hd

Assalamualaikum and hi! Back with another random post. I just got the time to update my blog since I just finished my final exam (it didn't go well please pray for me!) This time, I'm just going to make it short and straight to where I wanted to highlight which is the miracles that happened to me when I sought for His help especially when I desperately in need of His answers. I'm here to share how I always practice my du'a, what happened, the way He answered and so forth. (p.s this will be a long post okie)

First and foremost, I started to make "du'a" as my routine ever since I read a few articles while surfing through the internet and I also listened to a few talks during my free time after SPM. The routine I mentioned earlier is about making du'a even on small things like asking for Him to make my scarf 'well-behaved', pray for the things I'm going to buy still has stocks and so on. It may sound silly but it works every time. I can feel as if everything I'm going through is smooth and happen as planned. To be frank, it was hard at first since I always, always forgot to pray and just got all moody when things didn't go well. Before I started making it a routine, I kept praying for other people. Whenever I see someone struggling or look miserable, I'll just pray for them on the spot. For example, "Ya Allah pakcik tu bawa beca takda orang pun naik, murahkanlah rezeki dia bagi ramai orang naik", "Ya Allah, makcik tu naik bas sorang-sorang, selamatkanlah perjalanan beliau sampai ke destinasi", "Ya Allah,  murahkanlah rezeki pakcik yang minta sedekah tu bagi ada duit cukup untuk makan dan tanggung hidup". These are examples of how I always practice praying for others. I'll try my best to be specific and clear in my du'a. Now, that I've been practicing it, it's like a must for me to pray for others and I somehow feel bad not doing so.

Next is about personal du'as. The best time I prefer to make du'a is when it's raining and in the morning around 2 a.m to 4 a.m. It's best to start off by praising Him then proceed with your du'a. I pray even on tiny things. I used to pray for a new phone haha so I just went like "Ya Allah phone aku ni macam dah tak best lah guna, aku nak phone baru kalau boleh nak .... aku mintak sangat boleh dapat dalam masa terdekat ni secepat mungkin". And there was this one time I didn't feel good at wearing white shawl I got so anxious about it. I just prayed right away "Ya Allah aku tak yakinlah nak pakai tudung putih nanti. Kau bagilah aku rasa yakin macam orang lain dan bagi aku rasa gembira dengan diri aku" To be honest, everything seemed fine right after I put on my shawl. I felt happy the entire day and didn't feel insecure as I usually will and I even took a lot of pictures (I usually don't with something I'm uncomfortable/insecure with).

There were times where I got my heart broken from my expectations and love hihi. I once asked Him to show me if the specific person is meant to be mine, and He answered me the next day. I was confused and shocked at the same time at how fast He allowed me to know the answers to my du'as. I couldn't be happier to know the fact that He actually listened to me and it brought tears to my eyes when he answered my prayer. Lately, I feel as if I'm being too wasteful and ungrateful in what I have as I keep on comparing myself with others so there this one night I prayed to him; "Ya Allah aku ni macam dah tak bersyukur dengan apa aku ada, aku selalu compare diri dengan orang lain. Kau berilah aku kesedaran dalam apa jua bentuk supaya aku lebih bersyukur dan hargai apa aku ada". Surprisingly, He is slowly answering my du'a until now. He sent me someone with difficulties to open up my eyes, He showed me how people are facing problems trying to attain what I already have, He sent me someone who is very happy with what she has even though it is nothing for other people. This is what I call the power of du'a, slowly but surely. And whenever I feel jealous of someone, I'll also make du'a; "Ya Allah aku tahu aku tak patut ada rasa jealous dengan .... kau buanglah rasa iri hati ni dan bagilah aku selalu rasa bersyukur".

I'd be lying if I said I've never felt unworthy in term of asking for what I desire because I'm a sinner and I feel as if all of my du'as don't deserve to be heard or fulfilled due to my sins. The moment that feeling strikes me, I'll shove it off and believe that He'll always listen because He is forgiving and I'll always ask for His forgiveness. Of course, there are du'as which have not been fulfilled and I would always think positively. Maybe He will replace it with something better in the future as it is bad for me to have it now. Allah knows what's best for us, never doubt Him.

I'm sorry for writing too long. My main intention is to share with you how du'a helped me in my everyday life and the benefits of it. I'm writing this not to gain any praises nor am I showing off how religious I am. I just want to encourage you to keep on praying even on small things because He listens, always.

Thank you so much for reading.
Till next time <3