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You have no idea how thankful I am for the music industry that's producing a variety of music genres be it R&B, Pop, Reggae, Indie Pop and a lot more on the list. In today's post, I'm going to tell you what type of music I prefer to listen to under different circumstances. You can share yours in the comment section below :)

I used to dislike (more to anti) sad songs back then when I was in secondary school just because I didn't want to feel down or sad, I'd rather not listen to any emotional/sad song at all than being sad and overthink while listening to them. Everything seems to change drastically now that I like being sad and listen to all of my sad songs, in a dark room lying there all by myself.  Well, I'm actually addicted to being emotional and 'dark'. I don't know how to describe it in detail but the idea of being sad gives me the satisfaction at some point.

I'm the type of person who prefers things that not all people are into it, for instance, I listen to some unpopular songs that you wouldn't even know the singers or songwriters exist and they actually produced great songs. I still listen to popular singers like Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Selena Gomez etc. but I'm more keen on finding my own aesthetic in songs.

My current favourite music genres are Indie Pop and Jazz. The main reason I love those type of genres is that I'm very fond of the way most of the singers/songwriters wrote their own songs. I like the way they deliver the message and me as a listener can relate to most of their lyrics. They wrote it from their hearts and every single word means a lot to them. Since I'm a poetry type of person I prefer something that's deep yet meaningful. These are my top 10 songs that never fail to make me emotional.

Some of you might find them boring or 'sleepy' but that's just how I like the songs to be; eloquent and soul-stirring. I'll listen to them all the time especially at night or in the evening on my bed. I like the calmness they give me when I put on my earphone and I'll think about everything I could possibly think of while listening. I used to like Billie Eilish a lot back then when she was less recognised to the point where I only have her songs on my playlist and listened to her all the time. Now that she's becoming a top singer and has lotsss of fans, the vibe is not the same anymore. Don't get me wrong, not that I dislike her for being successful, I just don't like sharing with that many people and I feel like it's not special anymore. I know this is selfish and weird and doesn't make any sense but that's what I feel and this is why I don't have a specific favourite singer/celebrity.

Other than the songs mentioned above, these are the songs that I listen to sometimes while setting up a new spirit in myself be it for studies, while doing some tasks or on a road trip as I want to have all the good vibes in me.

 So what's your current favourite song that you keep playing on repeat and stuck in your head?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Omg i love your post for this one. Because I LOVE MUSIC SO MUCH TOO~ Your type song seems smae like me. I love billie, cardi b, lord huron, rex orange county, lemon boy and lana del rey~ Cute how you edit your picture for list song :)

    1. we literally have the same music taste haha! thank you I love editing a lot <3

  2. i prefer dengar music yang soft, menyegarkan, tak serabut dan semak. Tak tahu kenapa tapi memang tak boleh go on dengan muzik heavy yang jerit2 sampai tak ada suara tu---> rock , metal, and yang seangkatan tu

    1. haha as for me, memang ikut mood. kadang rasa serabut dengar music yang jerit2 and rancak. kalau mood happy baru rasa nak dengar tapi mostly music yang soft dan sendu heheh :)