1. Open PicsArt app and tap on the (+) symbol (make sure you have an internet connection)

2. Scroll down until you find Color Backgrounds and swipe until the end then tap on Color Picker and choose the color for your background

3. Pick Tools, tap on Crop and tap twice on 16:9 canvas size then choose Apply on the top right of your screen

4. Swipe the menu bar to the left then tap on Add Photo. You can add in 10 photos at a time to your canvas

5. Resize and position the photos according to your preference and you can add sticker, text, more photos by tapping on the (+) at the bottom left of your screen

6. You may also try to use the Blend, Free Crop or use the Effect provided and be creative with your editing

7. After you have arranged and edited your picture, choose Apply then Next. Tap on Save and choose save picture on your device


1. Open Inshot then choose Video

2. Upload a video of screen recorded song. I usually screen record song on youtube

3. Choose Trim then shorten the video to 15 seconds

4. Tap on Canvas then choose 9:16 and tap on the tick icon

5. Go to Sticker then choose the image icon next to the bag icon. Upload your photo and make sure to fix it to the canvas perfectly

6. Tap on the icon at the top right of your screen to save and you can directly upload the video on Instagram story

Here's my simple tutorial as requested on how I edited my Instagram story. I'm so sorry for taking so long to do this because I didn't have the 'mood' to update my blog these past few days. For some of you who asked me where did I get the pixel pictures, how I edit the pictures that have transparent background and how to find nice, aesthetic pictures like I always do, the answer is Google and keyword. 

To find pixel pictures, use the keyword "pixel aesthetic tumblr". To find pictures with transparent background you have to use the word "png" at the end and add the word "aesthetic" at the end to find tumblr-ish pictures. Thank me later ;)

If you have any question or if there's any part of my tutorial that you don't get, feel free to DM me on my Instagram. 

Bye! x


  1. Will definitely try this out! Hehe thank you 😋

  2. oeky, jujur terasa sangat rendah diri sebab mmg tak pandai guna instagram, kalau ada sesiapa nak wat tutorial free by video pastu upload, bersyukur sgt2 (cry deeply in heart) hahah

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  4. PicsArt app!!!! memang famous app ni tapi tak pernah cuba download pun