Assalamualaikum and hi! I just finished my first semester and been waiting for the right time to get back to writing and give you whole new contents in this blog. This time I come out with Instagram editing post since some of you might be wondering how I did most of my aesthetic-random type of Instagram stories.

Ever since I started creating those type of edits there are quite a number of people keep asking me how I did this and that and some even started doing the same thing I did and I'm more than happy to see many people being creative with editing!

You may refer to the pictures below for some of the edits I've done for my ig story (more in my Instagram highlight under 'edits') Note that I just did the editing job and most of the pictures aren't mine.

First thing first this post is about the editing merely using the tools in the Instagram app itself and at the end of this post, I'll also insert my favorite apps that I've been using to edit my pictures.

1. Word Blocks
This method is suitable for you to add a various range of colors to the text to make your story more pop-out and colorful.

Here's a simple one I did where I combine 3 range of colors. You can also use rainbow colors and a combination of pastel colors as well. You just have to go to the font icon on top right of your screen, type one letter and tap on the background icon on the top left of your screen then choose any color that you prefer for the background.

2. Multiple-range colored words

I'm not sure what to name it so I just simply created the name above lol. I guess many still don't know about this but it's really interesting and tricky at the same time. By using this method you can turn your words into something colorful and nice.

After you have typed in your words, highlight all of them then tap and hold the highlighted words (from the beginning) together with the color that you want. Next, move both fingers synchronizing the movement so that your words will turn into multiple color range. You can watch the video below if you still don't understand (I'm bad at explaining, sorry)

3. Solid/Blurry Background
For this method, you can either do the solid background(left) of the blurry background(right). Solid background will enable viewers to see only the erased part while viewers can still see the blurry background and the erased part for the second picture.

 All you have to do is tap on the pen icon, choose marker then tap and hold your screen until it turns into the color that you have chosen. Next, tap the eraser icon then rub the area that you want to let your viewers see. Same goes to the blurry background, choose the highlight icon next to marker then repeat the same step.

4. Shadow

This is the common method people usually used in their story.  If you found it boring and too mainstream to do that, you can play with different contra colors like yellow and pink, blue and yellow, yellow and red and many more depending on your creativity.

The apps that I frequently used to edit all of my pictures for Instagram story are HypeType, Inshot, Picsart and Phonto. All of these apps helped me in combining the pictures, to insert song, sketch and also contain many types of fonts. The key to having nice, aesthetic and interesting pictures is creativity. I know it's kind of hard to create this kind of thing at first and you tend to typically follow how people edited their photos.

Before I started this to be honest, I found them so ugly that sometimes I would delete the story that I've posted. As time past by and I've found my own aesthetic in editing, I enjoy doing every piece of it. Those nice words and praise that I received really make me want to create more.

Lastly, find your own aesthetic and be creative <3

Since this is just the basic editing ideas, would you like to learn more detail editing tutorial about the steps and how I created the pictures using the apps mentioned above? Yay or nay?


  1. Wow.. its looking great. ! yes.. hopefully u can do a tutorial . maybe i can use for my insta ig :)

  2. Wahh great content! Will try on my igstory later hehehe since I'm bad in editing igstory :p thank you!!

  3. WOW I LOVE THOSE EDITS! <3 so nice!!!