Hey everyone! I can't deny how excited I am to post about this new printable collection. I even edited this a few weeks right after I posted my first printable collection. Thank you for your positive comments, they really made my day.

For this collection, I bring the editing to the next level compared to the previous collection. I got the inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube. Most of the pictures in this collection are from google and I edited some of it by myself.

You can print it out on sticker paper or regular A4 paper. I really hope you like it. What do you think of this collection? Yay or nay?

Have a nice day ahead. Enjoy!


  1. semua cantik2,,rajinnya awakkk..mesti tangan, otak kreatif ni

    1. haha haritu bosan sangat sebab tu terfikir nak buat. anyway, thanks! <3

  2. alamakkkkk farahhhhhh lawa gilaaaa! >,< i really need this, i have a thought of making my own planner but i'm so lazy so this may be a help for me! <3 <3 <3