Hi, another new and fresh post from me. This time I would like to share my top 10 favourite fancy fonts that you must own! I listed down the links below for you to download and use it on your device. Note that each of the fonts below has its rules and regulations. Please read the description written before you download the font.


These fonts can be used for header, greeting cards, poster, logos and handwritten quotes. You can also learn how to do lettering by using this font, just like I usually did. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you guys.

Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone! I can't deny how excited I am to post about this new printable collection. I even edited this a few weeks right after I posted my first printable collection. Thank you for your positive comments, they really made my day.

For this collection, I bring the editing to the next level compared to the previous collection. I got the inspiration from Pinterest and Youtube. Most of the pictures in this collection are from google and I edited some of it by myself.

You can print it out on sticker paper or regular A4 paper. I really hope you like it. What do you think of this collection? Yay or nay?

Have a nice day ahead. Enjoy!

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Assalamualaikum and hi! As you read the title above, yes I made a special printables for all of you. The reason behind this is that I'm going to further my studies this September, so I think why not I create free printables for my readers and also students out there. I'm just going to make a short post for this one since I still can't get rid of my writer's block yet.

I made three types of printables; general calendar which I didn't put a specific month for it so that it's easier for you to use and basically I just inserted the dates and notes space at the bottom. Next is a daily to-do list and another one is also based on a daily task.

To download, just simply click on the download bars below.

If you have any suggestions for upcoming printables from me (eg: bold colours, watercolour flowers theme etc.) feel free to tell me. More printables to come just for you. Thanks for reading, bye! x