In this post, I want to share with you how I took my flat lay photo in my previous blog post. I'll make it super simple and everyone can definitely do this. Before that, what is flat lay? Flat lay is a unique way to showcase what you own such as your personal items, beauty products, outfit of the day and many more. All of the items are placed and styled on a flat surface and the photo will be taken directly above the flat surface. It's an awesome way to shoot whatever items you want all in one photo. You just need some editings and props that will make your photo 'pop-out' and attractive.

Let's start off with what you need:
1. Phone/Camera
2. Good light source
3. Flat surface
4. Extra prop (flower petals, glitter, make up palette etc.)

Now that you have all of the items needed let's get started. First, you are going to place whatever stuff you want to shoot on a flat surface such as your table, bed or floor. As for me I placed my white bedsheet on the floor and used it as a background to my flat lay. Make sure you have a great light source. You can either use natural light just like I did or a ring light. I placed all of my stuff right in front of my sliding door where the natural was at its best.

Decorate your flat lay with extra props that are related to your main items. For instance, if your main items are stationery then your extra prop can be books, watercolor palette, pens and so on. If you're into makeup products you may use makeup brushes, lipstick or maybe flowers. It depends on your creativity but keep it simple and minimal at the same time, do not overload with props that will make your photo looks messy.

For shooting part, take a picture from directly above your flat lay. Try different angle that looks good depending on the position of your flat lay and your items. Not every item needs to be in the frame. Maybe some of the items can be taken half or quarter as long as your viewers are aware of what type of item you are showing them. Lighting is key, always bare that in your mind.

Next, I'm going to show you how to edit your photo.


1. Open your photo in the app. Choose "Tools" and select "Brush".

2. Select "Exposure" and increase it to +0.7. Brush the entire photo. Then lower the exposure to +0.3
    and brush over the items on your flat lay. This may take a while but you'll be satisfied with the
    result *wink

3. This is optional; if your background isn't bright enough you can go to "Selective" tool and tap on
    the area you want to brighten up. Then swipe up and choose saturation. You can increase the
    saturation to make the background brighter.


Open the picture you have edited in Snapseed. Go to edit and choose brightness. Increase it to 24 and sharpen it to 4. You can also edit the contrast, warmth and saturation. For my picture, I just edited its brightness and sharpened it.

Not all pictures are the same, play around with the editing. It'll be very easy once you get the hang of it, believe me. I hope this post can help people out there especially bloggers and Instagrammers to wow your followers with beautiful flat lay on your story and post. Don't forget to tag me if you make one, I'd love to see it and smash that like button <3

Psst! Anyway, I want to do some free printables/freebies for all of you but I really, really need your suggestions. Comment down below what design/type you want. It can be a calendar, memo, header or anything you would like me to make. Thanks in advance!

Bye xoxo

Hi, I'm back again with a new topic. In this post, I will make a review on drugstore products together with my skincare routine. Fyi, I just changed my skincare to Clinelle because I just noticed I've been using the wrong type of skincare this whole time.

Let's start off with the Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation. I've never purchased a foundation before not because I'm not into makeup but I was scared that when I wear it my whole face will appear cakey so basically I just wear BB cream instead. This is my first attempt at wearing it and it turned out well. I applied this foundation with a damped sponge and it gave such a velvet look on my face. I give this foundation 8/10. Well actually I don't really know how the texture of a foundation should be so I just rate it based on how it felt on my skin.

Next is Silkygirl Big Eye Mascara. This mascara works wonderfully. I really love how it makes my eye pop out just like its name. One thing I really love about this mascara is, it is waterproof yet easy to take off compared to the other mascaras I've tried before. Most of the waterproof mascara will leave you remnants that will stay up to one or two days but not this one. It is so easy to take off just by using your regular face cleanser or micellar water. I highly recommended this mascara to all of you. My rate for this is 10.5/10 haha!

The third product is IN2IT Liquid Matte. When I first saw it in the store, I thought the colour was brown but then when I purchased and applied it to my lips, the colour is actually pink. I was quite disappointed though I was really excited about it at first. However, I really love the matte texture and I also use it as a blusher on my cheeks. Other than that, it long lasts despite the countless time I ate throughout the day. As the person who isn't into the pinkish type of lipstick, I felt some sort of insecure and uncomfortable wearing it but I'll give a 7 out of 10. Lesson learned I should be more careful and aware of the lipstick colour when purchasing it in the future.


1. Cleanser
    A cleanser is very important in order to make sure your face clean and fresh from oil, dust and to
    prevent from breakouts. Usually, I'll wash my face twice daily; in the morning and in the evening
    or before I go to bed. The Clinelle face cleanser makes my face feel very smooth and soft right
    after I used it. Another thing I like about this cleanser is that I just need to use a small amount of
    the product to wash and clean my whole face and I think it can last up to two months.

2. Face mist
    The face mist I'm currently using is the PureSWISS Thermal Spring Water from Clinelle. I use it as
    my toner before applying the moisturiser. Just to feed your basic knowledge, thermal spring water
    comes from a natural situation where water flows to the Earth's surface and minerals are dissolved
    into it as it passes through the underground rocks. This spring water can be used on your hair, skin,
    nail, face, as a makeup setting spray, relieves sunburns, prevents dandruff, razor burns, insects
    bites, cracked heels and many more. I really, really love it because it soothes my skin and leaves
    such a fresh and soft effect on my skin.

3. Moisturiser
    I have an oily skin mainly on the 'T' zone of my face. Before this I just use a normal moisturiser
    which contained oil and ingredients that made my face became more oily, greasy and shiny. Thank
    to those who shared a lot of information about the right type of mosturiser on Twitter, now I'm
    using Clinelle Gel Moisturiser as my daily moisturiser right after applying the face mist. This
    product won't make my face look greasy and I'm so in love with the dewy look this product gives
    me, especially on my nose and cheekbones.

4. Aloe Vera Gel
    When I don't feel like wearing moisturiser at home, I'll use aloe vera gel instead. It's good for your
    skin and it hydrates your skin without making it look greasy or oily. Also, I'll wear it at night
    before sleep. You can also apply it on your hair and nails. Thank me later *wink

5. Bio-oil
    Right after I applied aloe vera gel, I'll apply bio-oil on my scars or on the area where my skin will
    get dry. Bio-oil is not only good for your scars, it's also can be used on dry skin and stretch marks.

6. Fermented rice powder
    Last but not least, I'll apply fermented rice powder all over my face and sleep.

There you have it. In my initial plan I just wanted to do a review on drugstore products that I bought but since I got a question on my sarahah account about my skincare routine, so yeah I included it in this post. Hopefully, I've answered your question dear anonymous. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. Bye!

Assalamualaikum, it's me again with another update on this blog. I'm going to try my best to tell in detail from the very beginning of the interview. I was struggling to look for blogs that tell
in detail how the interview went and other things that I need to know before attending the interview itself so here I am, writing an entry for those who seek for what kind of questions they might ask and the do's and don'ts during the interview. Since I'm in a very good mood right now while listening to Back To You by Selena Gomez, this might be quite a long entry. Without further ado let's get started!

I attended the interview on 30th May 2018 at 8 a.m sharp and I was the sixth person for the architecture course. I didn't tell the person in charge for the registration that I needed to be interviewed in interior design course because I wasn't really interested in that course so I just got one small paper instead of two and it was written there the number (mine was 6) and what panel you will be interviewed by. Then I was ushered to the lecture hall where we were divided into 3 sections for Quantity Surveyor, Architecture and Interior Design.

In that hall, they showed us the video of School of Housing, Building and Planning but they had to drag the time cause they were having some technical problems. Right after we finished watching the video bamm! the whole hall went into a total darkness. Then we moved to another hall and were given a talk by the Dean of that faculty, Prof. Dr. Aldrin Abdullah.

Oh before I forget, both for architecture and interior design there will be two sessions; drawing and individual interview. First, they brought us to a studio and we were given an eraser, 2B pencil, a piece of A3 paper and a question paper. We were asked to draw a house by a river with a dock for a personal boat for only 45 minutes. I noticed some of the candidates didn't manage to finish up the whole drawing but for me, I had more than enough time to draw the whole thing alhamdulillah.

Next, we were ushered to the waiting room where we will be interviewed individually. I wasn't prepared for the individual interview at all since most of the bloggers stated that they were interviewed in a group of four. "Dang, I'm gonna die shivering the life out of me" that was what I thought in the beginning but as I waited for my turn, they were seniors who came and talked to us about this course in detail and they were sooo nice. Thank god I've finally calmed myself down and entered the scary room.

I was so surprised that I wasn't nervous at all! And that's because all of my panels' faces were so welcoming and they had a big smile drawn on their faces. I had 5 panels altogether and these are their questions (I insert together my answer for each question):

1. Q: Tell me about yourself
    A: My full name is Farah Syazana Bt Wahab and I'm 19 years old. I just graduated from
         MARA College Kuala Nerang in and my secondary school was St George's Girls' School. I
         really like drawing and reading especially English books. One of the reasons I chose this
         course is because I know my main ability is to draw so I would like to pursue my studies in
         the course where I could use my talent. I'm very passionate about what I love. For
         example, I had a problem in understanding certain subjects back in my college, then I
         took the initiative to see my lecturers outside of class and alhamdulillah I managed to
         understand everything. Maybe that's also one of the reasons why I was chosen to participate
         in drawing competitions that were held in Johor and Perak.

2. Q: Why did you choose USM which is very near to your house out of the other universities?
    A: As we all know, USM is one of the best universities in Malaysia. It has top professors and is
         located in the middle of the hectic city and accessible to everything. I believe this kind of
         environment could help me study and practise healthy competition among my coursemates.

3. Q: You can speak English fluently, why don't you go for an English course?
    A: As I mentioned earlier, drawing is what I like to do the most so I want to do what I'm good at in
         the future and as my career. I think this is the right course for me to pursue my studies in.

4. Q: Describe your drawing in Bahasa Melayu (describe based on what you drew earlier)
         *keep on talking and describing your drawing until they stop you or ask another question

5. Q: What are your co-curricular activities in secondary school?
    A: I joined a young entrepreneur club since I was in form 2 and became a president when I was in form 5. I had a team which consisted of 5 head leaders. We then joined a competition in state level and won second place. I also joined JUDO club and I participated in a state level competition.

6. Q: What will you do if you are not accepted in this course?
    A: I will pursue my studies in banking and financial course as you know I have an accounting
         background and that's my strategy for now.

7. Q: Are there any famous architects and buildings that you know?
    A: *I talked about Frank Gehry and his famous building Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and other
           local building, TM Tower

There you go. The answers written were not exactly accurate but I tried my very best to remember every single word I told them. There were a few questions like where do I live, where's your father's workplace and so on.

Now I'm going to give you some tips:
1. For drawing test, do practise to draw a house/building that can suit in any situation. Draw at least
    3-4 types of houses and skyscrapers so that you wouldn't be blur during the drawing test itself.
2. Try to draw as much modern technology as you can and try not to use any ruler when you draw.
3. Do your research on questions they might ask. You can find them on other blogs and collect as
    much information as you can from the USM website.
4. During the interview session, please smile and answer with confidence. They can read you just by
    looking at your facial expression. Be yourself, be honest and do not lie, they can detect it.
5. Sometimes they will doubt your answer by saying "are you sure" or "oh I" just stick
    to your initial answer and show your confident.

Wahh I didn't expect this post will be this long hahaha. I hope this might help you to sit for your interview. All the best!

Bye xoxo.