Assalamualaikum hey everyone! I'm finally back from a very long hiatus on this blog. I'm sorry for those who commented on my blog especially in this post, I'll try my best to reply to each one of you.  This post is going to be about everything haha.
Warning: this is a very long post with a lot of pictures, so get ready!

Where have I been? Am I not interested in blogging anymore?
Nope and nope. I am really interested in writing this blog and I'm glad I still do. I was on a hiatus just because of my studies. Basically, I just graduated from matriculation programme. Never have I ever thought of being a part of matriculation students. Well, as there are lots of rumors about how hectic and hard matriculation is and I could say that it wasn't that bad. I survived and that means that they are wrong, completely wrong. I had a lot of fun, made friends from different states, learn new slang and others. So for those who are still in dilemma either to choose matriculation or diploma, I suggest you to take matriculation as the shortcut path that you'll never regret.

That's me right after my last paper, Business Studies.

One of my favorite teachers

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share and there's actually a lot more but I don't wanna make this a super long post so here you go


I've learned a lot of things throughout my journey of being a matriculation student.
Lessons learned are:
1. Choose your friends wisely; either they guide you or destroy you.
2. Always make yourself as a priority cause nobody else will
3. Do not get too comfortable with the good grades you've gotten cause once you fall down, it's hard to get up.
4. Speak up what you are not satisfied with and dare to do what you want
5. If they sleep all the time doesn't mean they can't score
6. Never believe them when they said they didn't study
7. Be yourself, if they don't like you let them walk away
8. Some boys suck lol
9. Make as many friends as you can
10. Always think positive of others 

There are a lot of other things as in the lecturers, studies, environment and the society there in my matriculation college that I would like to share here but hmm maybe in the next post. I guess that's it about my lovely matriculation life and for those SPM leavers, if you have any questions about matriculation or anything just contact me through my social media or comment down below, I would love to help you :)

Let's move on to the highlight of this post which is vacatioooonn!

Oh before that shout out to our grab driver (I forgot his name), he brought us to many places before we head to Shahab Perdana. He offered to bring us to the beautiful Al-Bukhary mosque, Zahir mosque, Pahlawan plain and he even offered to bring us to the nearest shop so we can buy foods to eat on our way to Johor.

Pahlawan Plain

 Al-Bukhary Mosque

Zahir Mosque

Everyone loves it when it comes to vacation right? And so am I. We went to Tioman Island on the last day of our final examination. Yes, we sacrificed our homesickness to spend our time with friends and beloved lecturer, Mr. Haizan. Started our journey at 8.30 p.m from Shahab Perdana, Kedah to Mersing, Johor Bahru. It was tiring but more to tiring-but-exciting-so-it's-not-that-tiring kind of feeling. This is my first time to go on a vacation to an island other than Pulau Langkawi. This whole journey cost me nearly RM400. It was worth it because the foods served were delicious, the places there were beautiful and clean, the scenery and everything else I could say were perfect. I would love to go there again.

Right after we reached the Tioman Island jetty from Mersing, Johor, we went to our chalet which is 10 minutes away from the jetty and was served drinks by the owner. Later in the evening, my lecturer asked us to try out snorkeling since we were going to the 'real' snorkeling session the next day. He just wanted us to get used to it before going the next day. We literally spent around 3-4 hours in the water and had so much fun. There this one incident where my friend accidentally dropped her goggle in the water and it sunk. The boys and my lecturer tried their best to help her because she will need to pay RM80 if she lost it. Luckily one of the boys managed to dive in and get the goggles for her, fuh!

The next day, we were told to be at the jetty at 9 a.m for the snorkeling session. On my way to the jetty, I got the chance to buy the waterproof underwater phone bag. I told myself, whatever happens, I need to take at least a video of the fish and underwater scenery. Since it was my first time, I feel like taking pictures of every fish and the coral reef but I couldn't do so cause I cannot even press the snap button due to the water pressure *sigh

The boat guy (I forgot his name) brought us to Renggis Island and let us snorkel there for a few hours. The corals there were incredibly beautiful and no words in the dictionary could describe how wonderful God creatures are. They were colorful with different shapes and sizes. The fishes there were so beautiful and tamed. We were allowed to feed the fish with dry bread sold almost everywhere on the island. Once you throw the bread in the water, boom! the whole squad (lol) of fishes will surround you and it was kind of scary when the fishes touched my skin cause there were lots of them.

Next, we were brought to Tomok Island where the corals there were even more and more beautiful than at Renggis Island and the water itself was so crystal clear that you can see everything clearly with the help of goggles of course.

Unfortunately, when we reached there, the weather was quite bad and the waves brought me far away from where we should gather in the water. I tried to go nearer to our boat so that at least if anything happens I could just get into the boat quickly but that didn't happen.

I was left behind and was far away from everyone in the water. I couldn't go nearer as the waves keep pulling me to the opposite way which leads to the middle of the sea. I was starting to get panicked and tried my best to swim as fast as I can but I got tired and called my friend. Luckily, Qila and Syamim came to me and tried to bring me nearer to the boat.

Again, three of us couldn't even swim cause the waves kept pulling us back. I kept saying "pls don't let go of my hand" to my friend hahaha I was bloody scared. So we decided to blow the whistle attached to the life jacket and the boat guy came to the rescue. Weeiuww that was dramatic but scary as heck!

We also get to see the sunset in the evening while taking a lot of pictures. The scenery there was very very nice!

At night we walked around the village there and it reminded me of Malacca where some of the houses there were built traditionally and the hotels and chalet looked so classic. What made this village unique for me is they had their own kind of uber driver. Right after the elderly finished their prayer at the mosque nearby the 'uber' fetched them by riding a motorcycle and it wasn't the regular motorcycle. They upgraded it into a motorcycle that can bring up to 6 people at a time. For kids, they also had their own type of motorcycle with the help of the main motor of a lawn-mower. I don't think you can imagine it hehe sorry I'm bad at explaining.

Long story short, the last day at Tioman Island my friend and I were quite late and rushed to get on the ferry but we still had the time to take our last photo there. Right after we reached Mersing, we ate our lunch and walked to the bus station to say our last goodbye to our lecturer as his bus was earlier than us and we needed to go back on our own to TBS, KL.

We reached TBS around 11 p.m and were in rush to buy a ticket. All of my friends decided to stay in KL except for my friend and I. We decided to go back to Penang at 3 a.m. I was sad though I cannot spend the next day with my friends in KL.

This trip is by far the best trip I've ever joined. Thanks to all of my friends for the sweet and bitter memories together in our college and the trip. They accept me for who I am and I can get all crazy when they were around, that's why I love them so much. To my beloved roommate, thanks for understanding me with my inconceivable behavior, thanks for taking care of me when I was sick, and thank you for everything you have done for me I really appreciate it so much.

I've been through ups and downs throughout my journey in matriculation college and I learned a lot of things that I would never forget each one of them. And because of my friends who encouraged me to create an Instagram account well, I finally have one yay! Do follow me, just click on the icon at the sidebar on your right.

Pheewww what a long post. Thanks to you who are reading this right now, you managed to finish it hahaha. Bye!