Assalamualaikum and hi! It's been months since I last updated about my life and everything. Since I'm still on a holiday why not I share my three-week experience in Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang. Hmm where do I start? Well, basically there are three programs in this college; matriculation, foundation for engineering and medical students. I'm sorry I can't remember the specific name for each course.

Living in a boarding school, you can't expect too much. The bathroom floor wouldn't always stay shiny, your favorite toilet wouldn't be the same for the next few hours, the sinks will have many stains on it and others. But I must say that I've never felt this happy to be apart from my family. Not that I'm happy they are not around but the surroundings there feel like home. It might be because my roommate is my best friend since we were in secondary school, it might be because my primary school friends are there with me, it might be anything else that makes it easy for me to stay and enjoy the rest of my 10 months there.

Before all of us go back and celebrate Eid Mubarak, we took a few pictures together;

Orientation week? done. So far the most interesting part every time I wake up in the morning is I'm eager to learn new things as in the subjects, how I need to manage myself every day and so on. Since the first day in KMKN I tried to be talkative, smile to whoever passes by me and not hoping for them to smile back. I used to do that back then when I was a kid but stopped when people kept giving me that weird look whenever I tried to be nice and smile at them. I wanted to change myself, I want to be able to speak up my mind, make friends, help other people and create memories there.

I can feel the positive vibe there. Hopefully, it is not just in the beginning of my journey, I really hope it remains until the end where I can achieve my own dream with my friends. I'm the type of person who gets way too motivated in the very beginning and it all fades away as I get bored or something. It worries me so much that it will happen again (happened to me before SPM) as I want to make my parents proud, again.

Okay, enough with my college story so let's move on to eid storyyy. I've got nothing much to tell but I did make an attempt to get closer to my cousins. I know it might sound weird to you, I mean "they are my cousins, why do I even need to make an attempt on such thing daahh??" being an introvert and a shy person, I didn't talk that much with my cousins like how other people do. But this year, I have the urge to do that because I'm tired of being the same quiet and boring type of cousin. We did take pictures together, chit chat and others. I really enjoyed that moment though they were so precious to me.

Here's my selfies and ootd on the first day of Eid Mubarak  :p

I guess it is not too late to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all of my readers <3 wish me luck and have a wonderful day! :D