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by - 4/15/2017 05:38:00 pm

Hi! I'm back with another 'editing' post for you guys. This time I tried out a lot of editing apps just for this post so it took a long time for me to install and edit a lot of photos. I found all of them on the internet so I think why not sharing it with my readers here. The apps I'm going to be sharing with you are the apps that you've never heard of (maybe) and same goes for me, I never know there are a lot of awesome photo-editing apps that we can use besides VSCO. I'm not sure whether these apps are also available on Android. All before and after pictures edited by me are from We Heart It and I'm so sorry for the description in each of the app suggestion below because I'm not really good in writing the description. So here we go~

1. Tadaa 

If you do not own a DSLR but are looking for an app that is similar to DSLR effects then this is the perfect one. Lately, this app has been very popular on Twitter as a lot of users promoted it as the best app they've ever used and they are totally right.

2. 1967

For me, the concept of this app is quite similar to VSCO. The effects provided in this app are awesome and I like it. Give it a try :)

3. Foodie 

Dear food lovers, this app will be your new BFF! The effects are divided into dessert and others. Believe me, this app will make your food looks yummy and gives that mouth-watering look to it. 

4. Ultralight

I don't know how to describe this app because it is just like what I'm looking for in an app. One word: awesome!

5. Withagram

With this app, you can change your background color to white or a color of your choice. It also has nice filters and editing tools for you to create different effects on your photo.

6. Defqt

This app has very unique defects that can be combined with different shapes and themes for great results on your photo. You can be creative with it and stay unique.

7. The Cool Cam

For a minimalist type of photo editor, this is the right one for you. Many new effects added and useful tools to edit your photo are waiting for you.


This is the weirdest-but-cool app I've ever installed on my phone. Despite its language, I like the way they make the photo turns into retro kind of photo quality and old camera timer, I really don't know how to describe it but it's so cool different from other photo-editing apps.

9. A Color Story

The effects and tools on this app will make your photo turns bright and produce colors that pop. You can add lens flare, creative effects and it will also make your photo looks fresh and stunning.

10. Rebelsauce

For classic film-style photographs, this photo-editing app is suitable for you. They have great tools and effects as well.

Pheww! All of these 10 photo-editing apps work amazingly if you know how to edit your photo obviously :p My favorite among all 10 apps is Ultralight. I'm so picky when it comes to editing app. I want the app to be clean/minimalistic, no ads or whatever and easy to find the tools and effects buttons because while I was experimenting other apps for this post I installed an app that I can't understand at all. I can't go back to where I was, there wasn't even a button to save my picture and I ended up not saving it and uninstalled the app.

I think most of the apps above can only be used on iPhone. So if you want me to do another post for Android version do let me know below, if not then I'm not going to do it :p

Thanks for reading, bye!

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  1. Ahhh why i do not know about these all the time? Rabelsauce looks girlish an i like that.

    Thank you Syazana susah payah try satu2 apps tu semata utk share,😊kalau shaf mmg idok la nak install (bkn jenis installer apps) haha.

    1. you're most welcome :) hahaha sebab bosan dan taktahu nak buat post pasal apa, ni ja idea yg keluar masa tu :D

  2. this is cool! Thank you for sharing :)


  3. some of the edits seems can be achieved by vsco but two of them really catches my attention. the first one is tadaa which is just the one i've been searching for and the other on SLMMK that just open to lots of possibilitis. btw, what a great content!

    1. yes, agreed with your opinion. thank you <3

  4. Semua apps ni boleh pakai kat lappy tak? Hehee.. Just asking :D

    1. sorry tak sure sebab tak try pun dekat laptop :)

  5. some of it is new for me, thankyou for sharing this btw! ^-^

  6. Do this kinda post for android too, please please pleaseeeee.... Hehehehe

    Aviary is another product by Adobe.com and they offer a free online photo editor that you can use to edit and upload your photos right on their site. It is built as a mobile app so you can download the app and use it with your photos that you take on mobile devices, as well.
    It boasts plenty of filters and embellishments that you can add to your toolbox to create the best photos possible for your blogs or websites.
    Adobe offers Aviary to seamless integrate with their other photo editing programs such as PhotoShop and others so you can sign in with your Adobe ID to do more with your photos.