It took me years to finally update this post, I know. Oh procrastination why can't you leave me alone? Well, as I mentioned in the previous post I will update a post about VSCO editing, so here it is. For the first version of it, I come out with a not-so-fancy type of editing. This type of theme is suitable for any type of picture and daily photo. To add more attractive point to your photo you can take a picture with either brown, beige or dusty pink type of color. It can be your outfit, your bedroom, coffee and anything else but it can go well with other colors as well. 

I've prepared 5 different warm themes for you guys below. Enjoy!

Since you've owned all of the VSCO filters from my previous post, why not have a feed goal on your Tumblr and Instagram? Good luck and have fun!.


VSCO is one of the famous editing applications that contains a lot of interesting filters but not all are free to be used right? After spending hours on the internet trying to find out how to own all of the latest filters on VSCO, I finally found the thing I've been looking for. Yes, free paid filters for all of my lovely readers! So let's get into it.

Follow the steps below:

1. Uninstall your current VSCO application.

2. Click on this link. You will be directed to a download page and click download

If the page is not responding you have to open using Google Drive instead of Browser like this

3. A download tab should appear and you'll have to wait until it reaches 100%

4. Click next then install when this thing (i don't know what to call it) come into view

There you go, your free filters are ready to be used.

For the next post, I will write a tutorial for VSCO based on the famous grunge type of editing and other types of editing include pastel coming soon for Instagram users that I've just discovered. I still couldn't find this version for iPhone users but will update soon when I've found one.

If you have any problem installing the application above, do inform me in the comment section below. Bye!