Assalamualaikum and hi! I'm back with a new theme on my blog. Keep reading to know where I got the inspiration from, where to get minimalist photos and how I edited them. Enjoy!

Before this, my main theme on this blog was black and white. Every single button on my blog is either black or white. This is my previous theme color that wasn't that nice, yeah kind of boring with just black and white.

And this is the new look with pastel theme

For now, I'm satisfied with the changes I've made to my blog but there are certain things that need to redo to make it looks neater and with that, I'm actually referring to my header. Without further introduction, let me bring you to the most interesting part; sources.

Where did you get the idea of this theme? 
Well, while I was watching a youtube video about someone playing an Ouija board if I'm not mistaken, I came across one of the recommended videos on youtube which was a tutorial on how to edit pastel pictures on PicsArt. I clicked on that video and was truly amazed at the combination of pastel colors and how the youtuber combined different pictures with different colors together. I really like the idea of combining colors especially when it involves pastel.Who doesn't like pastel colors? yes, maybe I was way too passionate with pastel colors and I can't deny I'm so into it since last year. 

You can simply search on youtube 'Pastel Edit Tutorial' on youtube and there you go, lots of tutorials are waiting for you to watch them. Basically, my header and the way I edited the picture in each of my posts is inspired from this youtuber. I really like her style of editing. I've always wanted to do this type of theme but had no idea where to start from. Thanks to her for all of the amazing videos she made to help a person like me.

Where to get pastel photos like you?
I wondered the exact same thing while watching the tutorial videos, where did other people get nice pastel color photos from? Did they edit themselves? No, you can simply search it on google. Most of them on youtube didn't tell the website name and where they downloaded their pastel photos from. Let me reveal the secret, you can search any type of photos you like in The keyword is 'pastel aesthetic pack'. Just search it either on Google or on the website itself and download the pack. Make sure to give proper credit to them (I'm still figuring out how to write a proper disclaimer page). If you're not interested in that type of photos but more into the usual type of stock photos, check out this post.

What editing software did you use?
For my header, I used WPS Writer (same like Microsoft Word because I don't have one) to crop the shape of the photos, Photoscape to arrange the pictures accordingly and Gimp 2 for the transparency. While for other photos in my posts I just used Photoscape. For the editing, I explored that 3 software on my own since I couldn't even find a tutorial on how to edit the type of header that I want on the internet. I can post the tutorial if you want me to :)

My main problem after changing this whole theme is my header and menu bar are not responsive on other devices and I stressed out because of that, but now I chose not to care anymore. I wish I knew more about coding though tsk :'( Besides the unresponsive problem, I get stressed with my blog stats and followers. Yes I know I shouldn't focus on my followers and instead, write a more useful post for my readers but it bothers me sometimes. I think I should do an interesting giveaway every month, hmm we'll see.

So that's it for today's post, hopefully it is helpful for you, bye!

Having a problem as a teenager where you are too young to work but desperately in need of money to buy things your parents will not spend their money on is way too complicated. Why not work on yourself and get what you want right away? The steps are as simple as staying at home and just chill out. Some of the tips I'm going to share with you are from my own experience and some of them are my suggestions for you. Psst, this post may be longer than you expected and a lot of pictures as well.

1. Sell your old clothes
Why throw away your clothes when you can make money out of it? Selling your old clothes, shoes and other things that you think might not suit your taste anymore or probably you get bored with is one of the ways to earn money easily. You just have to take a picture, post it online and just wait for your first customer. As simple as that. There are few apps you can download to sell your used clothes; Carousell, and Shopee. These are the three apps I'm using to sell my old clothes but I guess there are other apps you can use as well or just simply create an Instagram account to sell your used clothes.
- Make sure the price of your items are affordable and reasonable. If you find it hard to get a customer, lower your price from time to time and don't forget to promote or share your items on other social medias such as Twitter and Facebook.
- Beware of scammers. Based on my own experience, scammers will avoid using the chatting system in the app itself. That means they will start a conversation saying they are interested in your item but they want to continue chatting in Whatsapp. Here's a picture of it

At first I believed one of the scammers but I figured out that the phone number used wasn't from Malaysia. Then another person did the same thing, all I did is saying I have a problem with my Whatsapp and would like to continue chatting here in the app. If that person doesn't reply to you right after you gave them that kind of answer, he/she may be a scammer.
- Take nice pictures. The way you present your items to your customers are really important. You must show them clearly the color, shape, inside and other features of your items.
- Always, always tell your customers or write in the description box if there's any defects on your items. Do not let your customers buy things from you that have defects but they have no idea about it before they purchase. It will make people lose trust on you as they can rate you on your account.

2. Sell Template
Learning how to code may be difficult at first. But isn't it cool that you can create your own website with whatever look you want based on your own style? It may takes months or years to really master the coding system but believe me, you can make a lot of money by doing this. Once you have finished learning how to code, you can try it out in your own website. When everything works out perfectly you can start selling your own template online or maybe you can edit other people's blog and charge them.
       Codeecademy and w3schools are the two websites that I found very useful and easy to learn how to code. The website I'm currently using to learn the codes is Codecademy.

This website will teach you step by step how to start your website and all. You can't proceed to the next step unless you make it correct. They also provide a self-test which is they will only give you hints and you have to type out your own codes so make sure you remember the codes you just learnt. There is also quiz to test your knowledge about what you've learned and so far I really like how they teach and tell me in details the usage or anything related to every single code. Try it out and you're welcome!

3. Use your makeup talent 
Lately I realized a lot of teenagers as young as 13 years old are all over 'makeup world' and I think this is one of the ways to earn money easily. Yes, turn your passion into money. If you think you know every single thing about makeup, just go for it girls. You can start off with your friends, relatives or someone who is close to you. Listen to their feedback and improve your talent from time to time. Once you're confident with your talent, you can start promoting on social medias by taking pictures of the makeup look that you think will attract a lot of people online. There you go, people will start asking you for price and others.
      Make sure your price is lower that the normal makeup artists as a beginner, you can increase the price when you have your own regular customers and a lot of reservations. You can begin with birthday party makeup, prom night makeup for your friends or seniors and others. After you've gained a lot of experiences from the small events then you can try out with bigger events like wedding, solemnization and even for freelance models. For beginners, you can learn by watching Youtube videos.

She is one of my favourite youtubers. Besides make up tutorial she also makes try-it videos where you can know whether the products really work. There are a lot of beginner friendly type of videos from local and western youtubers. Have fun experimenting it on your face!

4. Handmade Products
Instead of doing nothing during your leisure time why not fill it with something you can make money from. DIY projects are easy to do as the items needed to do your own handmade products are cheap and affordable. Usually I will buy my handmade product supplies from Daiso and Popular. Doing handmade products can actually earn you some money. You can make stationery holders from Mason Jars like this

The things you need are paints, watercolor brushes and Mason Jars. You can create your own attractive design or you can let your customers choose their own design and all you have to do is beautify the Mason Jars. Besides stationery holders, you can also do DIY planner for your schoolmates or online customers.

Basically you just need to buy a RM5 notebook and decorate it with washi tapes, stickers, bookmark, motivational quotes and others. Promote it to your schoolmates and create an account on other social medias as well. You can have different design with different price. Other than that, you can also do decorative stuff like a banner, organizer by using a box, canvas with unique design, pillow case with used/new clothes, wish cards and a lot more. You can find many ideas on Pinterest and Youtube.

5. Paid Review
Many online business founders need their products to be promoted in cheaper way since they might just started their business. By having Blogger, Twitter and Instagram accounts you can have your own paid review section. You can start with RM1-RM5 paid review which I saw a lot of people done that in the beginning of their paid review. Make a description that can catch people's attention and make them want to buy the products you're promoting. Don't forget to post your customers positive feedback on your social medias in order to get a lot more customers coming for you.

6. Babysitting 
Babysitting can be a paid job for all ages. However, it is best known as a temporary activity for young teenagers who are too young to be eligible for employment in the general economy. If you're busy with your student life during the weekdays you can babysit on the weekend. Set the price based on how long you need to take care of the kid. If you still need to babysit after 7p.m you can increase the price but make sure it's reasonable. 

There you have it, all six ways to earn money are just my suggestions and from my point of view. Maybe you have more than that to share with me. First thing first, figure out what's your real talent. It might be doing makeup, doodling, video editing and so on. Make money with what you're good at. At first I thought I got no talents at all but I do have my own passion on decorating stuff and more to DIY projects. How about you? 

Hopefully you find this post helpful, bye.