Where To Get Stock Photos And Nice Fonts?


Hello! So out of a sudden I feel like sharing with you guys where or which website to get nice stock photos from which is divided into two; girly stock photos and also the normal type of stock photos. Not to forget my recommendation on website where you can find nice fonts. I will also give you the list of nice fonts which I found very nice and suit my taste. Here we go!

I would like to start with girly stock photos websites that I found. Most of them will provide you monthly supply of stock photos once you subscribed or gave them your email so that they can email you new stock photos monthly. You can also become a member of the website to get free stock photos and they will charge you for the membership.

Here's the list of girly stock photos that you might like:

K19 Studio
A Prittier Web
Gold And Berry
Rosemary Watson
Solopreneur Sidekick
Ivory Mix
Mara Burkes
Rekita Nicole
Haute Chocolate
Ashley Creates Things
Creative Convex

Make sure you subscribe/sign up by giving them your email. In few minutes you will receive the stock photos from them through your email and you can download it right away!

Let's move on to the other type of stock photos. So here's the list:

Negative Space
Kaboom Pics
Stock Snap
Pic Jumbo
Stock Up
MMT Stock
ISO Republic
Fancy Crave
Took A Pic
Good Free Photos

For these type of websites you don't have to sign up anything just simply take the photos but please read the license first. If you don't know how to access any of the websites or some of the links are not working, do ask/inform me okay?

Next is the fonts! Here is the list of fonts that I like and suitable to make as blog header, post photos and others. Just search the fonts below in this website

These are just a suggestion from me. There are a lot more fonts in the website. If you don't know how to download and install it in your laptop then just ask me. To make your blog looks stylish just use any of your stock photos and insert it at the beginning of your post to make it more interesting for the readers to read.

Click here if you don't know how to install.

I really hope that this post is helpful for the beginner and stock photos lover so that they can have a lot of stock photos and fonts to themselves. Anything just ask me in the comment section below.


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  1. this is sure helpful, thanks for sharing !

  2. nice sharing
    biasa gambar2 stock lawa mesti berbayar kan :)

    1. ha'ah sebab tu sebenarnya business diorang tapi nak bagi org tertarik kena bagi free few photos :)

  3. Hey, how to insert those fancy fonts in our usual fonts (or is it called google fonts? hurmm) ?

    1. here's the link http://fsyazanaaa.blogspot.my/p/how-to-install-fonts.html

  4. THANKS A ZILLION! I only just recently found pixabay.com and now got lots more like YAYYYYYYYY.

    1. Welcome! Share it with your friends too :)

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