Assalamualaikum! hi gais lama betul tak update blog ni apatah lagi nak melawat sedara bloggers yang lain. im so sorry to those who followed me but i took years to follow you back :( lately i've been very lazy to even use my laptop hehe. how was your day?? ha azam 2015 dah tercapai belum? dah nak 2016, panjang tak wishlist for this year??? as usual, i dont really want to focus on my aim for this year bcs usually i'll end up not doing it at all so hanya mengharap family sentiasa ada by my side dan sentiasa sihat annnddd SPM!!! insyaAllah i'll do my best and nothing can stop me.

               Assalamualaikum and hi! Lama sangat tak update blog because I had 1001 works to do and now I'm officially free from them. What had happened until I cant even update a single entry? well, not that I 'cant' I was just very exhausted and didnt really had the right time to spend my time in front of my laptop. So now is the right time disebabkan cuti sebab jerebu jadi sambil dengar lagu Marvin Gaye jom update blog!

               As I told you guys in the past posts about the Laporan Syarikat thing, haa ni nak cerita! At the end of September five of us, the Ahli Lembaga Pengarah went to PDC near to SPICE, Bayan Baru untuk menyertai peringkat saringan Konvensyen Protune Ke-18. There were five judges with their scary look and I spotted the seriousness in their face. I was scared as hell, seriously. We needed to present about our company and the presentation we did was quite ok. I would give 4 1/2 out of 10. I think it all started from me as I was the first person to present. I exhaled way too hard at the mic and I looked damn nervous lol I felt bad for my friends because I kind of ruined the presentation. After the presentation, we had Q&A session which was dush! matilah nak kalau tak boleh jawab. It went smoothly, alhamdulillah. We headed back to school with a relief because the pressure had finally gone. But we were all wrong!

               A week later, my teacher received an email stated that we are going to be in the final. she whatsapp-ed us and I was like "eh haritu bukan kita present tak ok??" I felt very happy but sad at the same time. Happy sebab out of 25 schools (if im not mistaken) only 5 schools will be chose to final and we were one of them! and the sad part was because the pressure will be back. Dah lah exam lagi satu minggu, ada competition pulak. But we've tried our best till we had to stayback until 9 pm at school. Penat sangat.

               On 13th October 2015, we went to Dewan Budaya, USM for the final. We were the third school to present. By just looking at how big the hall was made me felt damn nervous and I kept telling myself I'm the best just to convince everything will be fine. After we had a breakfast we went into the hall and the competition started!

*sorry for the low quality of image

I'm wearing black blazer just in case you're wondering kahkah. masa tu dah habis present, fuh lega! Now let me tell you how to handle nervous when it comes to Public Speaking. I used these tips that day and never imagined it could help me that much.

1. Take a deep breath, stop within 4 seconds and then exhale. keep doing that until you feel less
2. When you're on the stage, dont start the performance/presentation yet, look at your audience and
    the whole hall to make sure you're comfortable with them then only you can start. I did this and it
3. Keep saying you're the best and feel proud of yourself just to make you feel better.
4. Smile. It's the key to hide your nervousness in front of audience and judges and dont forget that eye
    contact is the most important thing to connect with your audience.

That are what I did and it really really helped me and definitely better than in the peringkat saringan. Kejap, panjang lagi entry ni. 

               Ohya forgot to tell you guys that we had cheerleaders with us that day. they were very awesome with cute and nice outfits. Ada 13 anugerah untuk pertandingan ni dan alhamdulillah atas berkat usaha dan ketekunan semua orang yang terlibat, kami berjaya menang 5 anugerah. dah cukup bagus lah tu alhamdulillah. anugerah apa? meh kita list

1. Johan untuk Sorakan Kreatif (done by the cute cheerleaders)
2. Johan untuk persembahan terbaik (our presentation)
3. Tempat ketiga untuk Amalam 5S Kiosk 
4. Johan bagi Pengurus Terbaik (won by Pengarah Pentadbiran)
5. Naib Johan bagi Syarikat Terbaik (yay!)

Here are the pictures of us! again, sorry for the low quality of pictures.

                                                              We won for sorakan kreatif

        I forgot what anugerah I took for this picture haha

The power of ladies! Ahli Lembaga Pengarah :)

Gambar ni blur sangat haha sorry! The girls with cute outfits are our cheerleaders and the two girls on the floor are our dancers 

It was worth it, thanks to all who participated in this competition and had to skip exam. Dahlah kena skip kertas akaun :'(

              Our exam just ended and I'm so freeeeeeeeeeeee tapi takdalah free mana, nanti dapat results, kena buat correction and bla bla bla. I went to see the dentist yesterday and look what I got hahaha

                  The pencil is so cute because behind the bee there's like wings that can move when I blow it. Idk when will I use them haha. That's all from me, thanks for reading!! do leave your comments below if you want to, xoxo.